On the 9th of June we teamed up with the Major Mouse Testing Program (MMTP) for a live stream longevity panel on the MMTP Facebook page. The panel included Dr. Alexandra Stolzing, Dr. Aubrey de Grey, Dr. Oliver Medvedik, MMTP coordinators Steve Hill and Elena Milova, Lifespan.io President Keith Comito, and one of the most active contributors Alen Akhabaev. The event was one of the rewards from the MMTP campaign launched on Lifespan.io last year.

During the first section the panelists discuss the science and progress in the field, touching upon senescent cell therapy with senolytics, its progress and limitations, stem cells therapies and other promising interventions to slow down and potentially reverse age-related damage to health.

The second section moves to the discussion of the existing bottlenecks in advocacy, and what the members of the community can do to promote and popularize rejuvenation biotechnology among the general public more effectively.

Due to the success of this live stream event we are planning to do more panels like this with a variety of topics. Our audience is welcome to suggest topics for future events by leaving a message on the Lifespan.io Facebook page or getting in touch with us via email.

We love providing our readers with more news from the exciting world of rejuvenation biotechnology, but remember that we depend a great deal on your support! Please consider becoming one of our Lifespan Heroes with an affordable monthly donation. This will help us expand our activities and engage the public to foster the development of innovative interventions to eventually set all people including you and your loved ones free from the threat of age-related diseases.



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