Keith Comito, President of the Life Extension Advocacy Foundation and the Crowdfunding platform, discusses progress in building a grass roots movement in support of healthy human life extension, and details a comprehensive plan to increase support for related research on a societal level.

The talk begins with the history of how early cancer advocates like Mary Lasker and Sydney Farber created the War on Cancer via effective PR maneuvers such as the Jimmy Fund, leveraging the ensuing support to create societal change.

The topic then transitions to pairing growing grass roots support with continual calls to action, such as the projects on, to enlist thought leaders and synergistic groups, such as YouTube science communicators and video game charities, into the cause and thus engage an increasingly wide audience.

The discussion also addresses how the life extension community can find communality with diverse religious groups and overcome cognitive biases which inhibit the layperson from thinking deeply about longevity.

This presentation is part of the Designing New Advances conference held by the Institute of Exponential Sciences in the Netherlands, orchestrated by Demian Hoed, and Lotte Van Norte.

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