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The 9 Things That Are Slowly Killing You!

We take a look at the hallmarks of aging that lead to age-related ill health.

Results Show Human Aging Can Be Reversed

A small clinical trial, which was conducted by a team of researchers led by Dr. Greg Fahy, has shown for the first time in humans that reversing biological age may be possible.

How We Treat Aging is Going to Change in the Future

Dr. David Sinclair, a Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School, is one of the most well-known researchers in the field of rejuvenation well known for his work with NAD+ and aging.

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The Rejuvenation Roundup Podcast

Ryan O’Shea from Future Grind presents the Rejuvenation Roundup, a monthly digest of the latest rejuvenation biotechnology news.

The Journal Club

Dr. Oliver Medvedik and Steve Hill, host the journal club and review the latest scientific publications every month. The show is also broadcast live to the



Journal Club

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Projects Funded on

To date, we have raised over $360,000 for research since we launched our aging research crowdfunding platform –

We have helped the David Sinclair Lab at Harvard University to raise funding for the NAD+ Mouse project, a project that explores the metabolic drivers of aging and could have ramifications for human aging and health in the near future.

The SENS Research Foundation has successfully funded three projects on and as a result is pioneering new approaches to treating mitochondria disorders and new ways to combat cancer.

Get the AgeMeter

A functional aging diagnostic system that was developed thanks to the support of the community. This unit allows you to measure how well you are aging using a series of scientifically supported biomarkers of aging that measure your level of function.

Get the MouseAge App

Thanks to the support of the community this cruelty free app allows researchers to estimate the age of lab mice using the power of deep learning without the need for invasive tests.

MitoSENS Published in Oxford Journal

Thanks to the support of the community the MitoSENS campaign funded on has published successful results for their mitochondrial repair approach. This is the first demonstration that creating copies of mitochondrial genes in the cell nucleus may be a potential way to address mitochondrial DNA damage which is a root cause of various age-related diseases and other conditions.


The Longevity Investor Network is a LEAF initiative to bring investors and promising, aging-focused biotech startups together. The network is organized by LEAF board members and meets once a month to listen to presentation pitches from new companies seeking funding.