Life Extension Advocacy Foundation, in collaboration with Singularity University Moscow Chapter and consulting group Deloitte, are hosting in Moscow an expert discussion on how to inform society about the potential and the advancement of gerontology and preventive medicine. These experts believe that attracting people’s attention to the capabilities of medical technologies to prevent aging might help extend the healthy period of life and significantly decrease morbidity from age-related diseases.

The panel discussion “6 ways to talk to people about ending aging” will bring together famous futurists, scientists, science popularizers and public figures who foster the dissemination of the idea to prevent aging in Russia and other countries.

Jose Luis Cordeiro, fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science (WAAS), director of life extension advocacy organization Humanity Plus

Valerija Udalova (Pride), director of Russian cryo company KrioRus, methodologist of the Human Aging System Diagram project

Eugeny Kuznetsov, general director of InfraFund of RVC, ambassador of Singularity University in Russia

Maxim Kholin, co-founder of the group «Gero», which develops therapies and blockchain solutions for significant lifespan extension

Anastasia Egorova, vice president of the Foundation Science for Life Extension and director of Open Longevity ICO

Carlos Garcia Hernandez, director of Lolabooks publishing house, which released the book by Aubrey de Grey and Michael Rae, Ending Aging, in Spanish

Anton Smolkin, head of the department of humanitarian disciplines of Liberal Arts College (School of Public Policy, RANEPA), deputy editor-in-chief of the journal Sociology of Power

In Russia, as in many other developed countries, the population is aging rapidly, the incidence of age-related diseases is increasing, and the burdens to the health care system and social protection system are growing. One of the ways to reduce the economic and geopolitical risks caused by population aging is the accelerated implementation of medical interventions capable of counteracting the main mechanisms of aging and preventing age-related pathology.

Elena Milova, Director of the Board of Life Extension Advocacy Foundation/, moderator of the event:

“In recent decades, science has made great progress in understanding the key mechanisms of aging and their role in the development of age-related diseases. Scientists are already able to extend the healthy lifespan of laboratory animals by 30-40%, and some of the approaches used for this are at the human clinical trial stage. The first anti-aging medicines for people, such as senolytics, immunotherapy, and thymus regeneration, can enter the market in the next 5 to 7 years, and they might help to postpone cancer, diabetes and heart disease at later ages. Imagine how society could benefit from the opportunity to extend the healthy period of life. Older people are the intellectual elite of the nation; to ensure healthy longevity is a direct investment in the development of the country.”

Jin Kolesnikov, CEO of IDS Innovation, co-founder of Singularity University Moscow Chapter, co-moderator of the event:

“Population aging and the rise of age-related diseases are the very problems where finding a solution means improving the lives of billions of people, because by 2050, about a quarter of the population will be at least 60 years old. The development and implementation of technologies to address aging require the involvement of all public stakeholders and government.”

LEAF is inviting gerontologists and other scientists, representatives of local and foreign biotechnology companies, consulting companies in the public health field, NGOs fostering the adoption of healthy lifestyles, long-term care professionals, and fitness industry representatives to attend the event.

The discussion will take place on November 4, from 15:00 to 18:00, in Deloitte’s training department.  Address: Moscow, Lesnaya street, 5B, second floor. Simultaneous translation (Rus-Eng) will be provided. The event is free and open to the public, but preliminary registration and ID are mandatory. To register, please click the link and follow the instructions.

For media enquiries:

Elena Milova, Director of the Board of  LEAF/
[email protected]

+7 (985) 809 29 95

Anastasiya Ernays-Eskarsa, PR SingularityU in Russia

[email protected]

+7(968) 902 58 80

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Elena Milova

As a devoted advocate of rejuvenation technologies since 2013, Elena is providing the community with a systemic vision how aging is affecting our society. Her research interests include global and local policies on aging, demographic changes, public perception of the application of rejuvenation technologies to prevent age-related diseases and extend life, and related public concerns. Elena is a co-author of the book “Aging prevention for all” (in Russian, 2015) and the organizer of multiple educational events helping the general public adopt the idea of eventually bringing aging under medical control.
  1. November 1, 2017

    Dr. Janko Nikolich-Zugich, Of SENS 5 conference fame, thinks that rejuvenating the thymus alone without also rejuvenating the lymph nodes won’t achieve much:

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