We are active science advocates and have been featured on network television, the news, podcasts, and other media. A major part of our activities include reaching new audiences and engaging them about the potential of science to end age-related diseases and we have already appeared in a number of media articles and interviews.



Fox 5 NY – Evolution of medical care in the digital world – Oliver Medvedik on Ernie Anastos (starting at 1:58)

The Young Turks – The Science Of Extending Life.

Forbes – Oliver Medvedik from LEAF and others appear in Forbes Africa.

TED Ideas – Oliver Medvedik: A crowdfunding platform aims to solve the puzzle of aging.

nySci – Meet this Advocate for Life Extension Research!

Kazakh TV – Elena Milova: Using artificial intelligence to slow the ageing process.


ScIQ Interviews – Katherine Jin and Keith Comito, Challenges In American Innovation.

In the Spring/Summer 2019 edition of the New Economy magazine, members of the LEAF team along with a number of other thought leaders from the industry were featured in an in depth article taking a look at how aging research and new medical innovations are changing the way we look at aging and how we treat age-related diseases. You can find the article on page 66 of the digital edition of the magazine and also in the printed version.