Today we have a small update on the progress of the AgeMeter, a functional aging biomarker device being developed thanks to the support of the community at Elliott Small the project leader recently updated us with some positive news about how the development of the Agemeter is progressing.

We have decided to move towards the iOS/Apple ecosystem. Based on our research and experience, we believe this will hold several key advantages. To highlight a few, Apple’s closed systems and custom coding language result in a reduction in bugs and product issues down the line. Overall, it will be a more reliable product which will offer a better customer experience. The iPAD also has a universal availability with a controlled cost environment which will result in a lower cost of ownership for doctors vs the Lenovo tablets previously slated. This change in systems will present a stronger product offering overall. Some of the key changes are:

  • Comprehensive iOS UI/UX design with interactive wireframes
  • Frontend iOS development
  • Complete backend development utilizing SQL database
  • Post-launch bug & technical support
  • 15 biomarker tests will be available at launch improving on the original 12 planned
  1. Auditory Reaction Time
  2. Highest Audible Pitch
  3. Vibrotactile Sensitivity
  4. Visual Reaction Time
  5. Muscle Movement Time
  6. Lung: Forced Vital Capacity
  7. Lung: Forced Expiratory Volume
  8. Decision Reaction Time
  9. Decision Movement Time
  10. Memory
  11. Muscle Coordination
  12. Vision
  13. Pulse Oxygen
  14. Heart Rate Variability
  15. Arterial Venous Pressure
About the author

Steve Hill

Steve serves on the LEAF Board of Directors and is the Editor in Chief, coordinating the daily news articles and social media content of the organization. He is an active journalist in the aging research and biotechnology field and has to date written over 500 articles on the topic as well as attending various medical industry conferences. In 2019 he was listed in the top 100 journalists covering biomedicine and longevity research in the industry report – Top-100 Journalists covering advanced biomedicine and longevity created by the Aging Analytics Agency. His work has been featured in H+ magazine, Psychology Today, Singularity Weblog, Standpoint Magazine, and, Keep me Prime, and New Economy Magazine. Steve has a background in project management and administration which has helped him to build a united team for effective fundraising and content creation, while his additional knowledge of biology and statistical data analysis allows him to carefully assess and coordinate the scientific groups involved in the project. In 2015 he led the Major Mouse Testing Program (MMTP) for the International Longevity Alliance and in 2016 helped the team of the SENS Research Foundation to reach their goal for the OncoSENS campaign for cancer research.
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