We are pleased to announce that the Agemeter bags and T-shirts are about to ship to those who backed the project at a level that qualified for these rewards. Once more we would like to thank everyone who supported the project and we hope that you enjoy your rewards. We hope to bring you an update shortly about how the Agemeter functional aging biomarker system is coming along so stay tuned!

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Steve Hill

As a scientific writer and a devoted advocate of healthy longevity and the technologies to promote them, Steve has provided the community with hundreds of educational articles, interviews, and podcasts, helping the general public to better understand aging and the means to modify its dynamics. His materials can be found at H+ Magazine, Longevity reporter, Psychology Today and Singularity Weblog. He is a co-author of the book “Aging Prevention for All” – a guide for the general public exploring evidence-based means to extend healthy life (in press).
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