Using neurodegeneration to fight cancer safely and effectively

The researchers bound the kind of siRNA found in Huntington’s disease with a complementary strand from another degenerative disorder, myotonic dystrophy, to create a hybrid duplex, then put this inside nanoparticles that were quickly gobbled up by cancer cells in culture. All varieties of cancer tested–ovarian, lung, liver, melanoma, and several more–stopped growing within a…

Evolution eats the old to feed the young

Part II of III in a series on the evolution of aging. (Part I, Part III) Sex and death have been friends for a long time. Many people would tell you that death–or rather, aging–wasn’t around until we started reproducing sexually, and if you examine the tree of life you’ll see a lot of evidence

Longevity orthologs: How far from the apple to the tree?

Laboratories studying the biology of aging are a menagerie of creatures great and small. From unicellular yeast and nematodes, all the way up to primates and even the faithful old Canis familiaris, animal models have opened up the aging process to our inspection in ways that human subjects wouldn’t have been able to match. It’s…

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