Space aging

People have been talking about terraforming and colonizing Mars since the beginning of space travel, and in the past few years that ambition seems to have gone mainstream. But if we want to conquer the “final frontier” of space, we must first confront that other final frontier. Because, as it turns out, the problem with…

What’s new in media and industry: Who’s who in longevity, and more

Here’s our handpicked selection of the best interviews, blog posts, popular articles, and breaking biotech news of the last two weeks: Want a systematic overview of every organization chipping away at human aging right now? Then you’ll love this nearly 800-page report from the Biogerontology Research Foundation. Put it in your queue for bedtime reading….

Merry Media, And A Happy New Year

We want you! Reason over at Fight Aging! lists nine promising approaches to rejuvenation therapy that he’d like to see in the very near future: assessment of senolytics, medical tourism, immune rejuvenation, glucosepane cross-link breaking, amyloid clearance, lysosome cleanup, telomere-centric blockades of cancer, cell therapies, and improved gene therapy. If this describes your work, consider

Video interview with James Peyer: Longevity science from bench to clinic, and everything in between

No one should have to read during the holidays. That’s why we made you a video! I spoke to our own James Peyer about how he got started in the longevity world, the unique challenges of bringing new anti-aging therapeutics to the public, and how his role as an investor allows him to help projects

A bountiful harvest of research

Keeping one eye on your calories, and the other on that delicious-looking pumpkin pie? Don’t worry–your Thanksgiving sins probably won’t hurt your longevity as long as you’re fasting sometimes. You can thank your gut bacteria. What do insulin resistance and 17th century Prague have in common? The first rare variant that dramatically increases human lifespan…

Cheat codes for youthful cells

For much of the 20th century, the prevailing wisdom was that once cells were fully differentiated, their identities were crystallized eternally–a neuron was a neuron forever, and that was that. Then in 1987, something almost magical happened for the first time: with the help of a single transcription factor, a mature fibroblast was completely remade…

Diagnosis: Cursed?

The year is 1996, and you’re a doctor with a strange case on your hands. Actually, it’s not just one case–it’s an entire family with a collection of rare disorders and unrelated bodily dysfunction. Must be something genetic, right? But it doesn’t look like any of the genetic diseases you’ve seen before, because it’s going…

Michael Fossel on telomerase therapy in cancer, Alzheimer’s, and more

Last week we heard the theoretical side of Dr. Michael Fossel’s mission to bring aging to its knees, and why his chosen point of attack was on the grand orchestrator of the body’s repair processes. This week he goes into the practical details: how does he plan to lengthen telomeres? What can we treat with…

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