James Peyer: “The 21st century will be defined by our struggle against the diseases of aging.”

“At what age would you like to get Alzheimer’s?” This was the question posed by venture capitalist, former stem cell biologist and Geroscience co-founder James Peyer at TEDxStuttgart last week. Peyer became a devotee and champion of the anti-aging movement early in his life, and over his career he’s watched the field mature from a collection…

Michael Fossel on telomerase therapy in cancer, Alzheimer’s, and more

Last week we heard the theoretical side of Dr. Michael Fossel’s mission to bring aging to its knees, and why his chosen point of attack was on the grand orchestrator of the body’s repair processes. This week he goes into the practical details: how does he plan to lengthen telomeres? What can we treat with…

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