Space aging

People have been talking about terraforming and colonizing Mars since the beginning of space travel, and in the past few years that ambition seems to have gone mainstream. But if we want to conquer the “final frontier” of space, we must first confront that other final frontier. Because, as it turns out, the problem with…

Research roundup: The microbiome in neurodegenerative disease, and more

It’s looking increasingly likely that our little bacterial buddies have a major influence on neurodegenerative disease, from producing extra amyloid, to regulating inflammation, to generating free radicals. In mouse models of Alzheimer’s disease, a protein complex that forms part of the nervous system’s innate immune system binds to toxic amyloid-beta, promoting the formation of plaques.

Can reducing PPAR-γ save the immune system?

One contributor to the aging of your immune system is that your thymus–the gland that turns leukocytes into T cells–is slowly replaced by fat, and eventually shuts down around puberty. In a perfect world this wouldn’t be a problem, because our existing T cells would be appropriately proportioned to cover the entire infection space. In

Merry Media, And A Happy New Year

We want you! Reason over at Fight Aging! lists nine promising approaches to rejuvenation therapy that he’d like to see in the very near future: assessment of senolytics, medical tourism, immune rejuvenation, glucosepane cross-link breaking, amyloid clearance, lysosome cleanup, telomere-centric blockades of cancer, cell therapies, and improved gene therapy. If this describes your work, consider

The Aging Immune System

The immune system degrades as we age. The elderly get sick more often, take longer to recover from illness or injury, are more prone to cancer, and more prone to autoimmune issues. Why this happens is a question scientists are just beginning to answer.   Like other cells, your immune cells are subject to telomere…

What’s eating you?

Many people think of sleep almost as if it were a state of suspended animation, like turning off a computer so that it can cool down. But while your conscious mind and certain activities are dormant, much of your body is hard at work repairing damage, replenishing energy stores, and clearing away waste, in addition…

In the media this week: Aubrey, AI, and advocacy

Trust your doctor to diagnose you correctly? The Washington Post reports that 2/3 of doctors treating dementia patients backpedal on treatment plans after PET scan for amyloid deposits. reports Preventative care pioneer and longevity hero Shigheaki Hinohara drove life expectancy to the very top, and used his own advice to live to the ripe old…

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