Research roundup: The microbiome in neurodegenerative disease, and more

It’s looking increasingly likely that our little bacterial buddies have a major influence on neurodegenerative disease, from producing extra amyloid, to regulating inflammation, to generating free radicals. In mouse models of Alzheimer’s disease, a protein complex that forms part of the nervous system’s innate immune system binds to toxic amyloid-beta, promoting the formation of plaques.

In the media: An AMA with Aubrey de Grey, and more

Aubrey de Grey held a Reddit AMA on December 7th, discussing everything from AI in longevity research, CR mimetics, and how his timelines for therapeutics coming to market have changed in the last few years. You also read his short SENS-focused piece in Tech Review for more. Still didn’t get enough SENS? Check out LEAF’s…

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