Space aging

People have been talking about terraforming and colonizing Mars since the beginning of space travel, and in the past few years that ambition seems to have gone mainstream. But if we want to conquer the “final frontier” of space, we must first confront that other final frontier. Because, as it turns out, the problem with…

James Peyer: Why primary indications matter

“Aging” isn’t a disease as recognized by the FDA–not yet anyway. But then how will the companies trialing anti-aging drugs ever get regulatory approval? It’s simple: just choose a “primary indication” to test your drug with. Of course, that choice itself is rather difficult when you’re considering a geroprotector. Here’s how investors think about it…

Merry Media, And A Happy New Year

We want you! Reason over at Fight Aging! lists nine promising approaches to rejuvenation therapy that he’d like to see in the very near future: assessment of senolytics, medical tourism, immune rejuvenation, glucosepane cross-link breaking, amyloid clearance, lysosome cleanup, telomere-centric blockades of cancer, cell therapies, and improved gene therapy. If this describes your work, consider

In the media: Autophagy, APOE4 and amyloid alternatives

Had your curiosity piqued by our recent autophagy articles? Learn even more about this essential cellular process over at LEAF science! autophagyarticlesover at LEAF science Human trials of NMN, the NAD precursor found to slow aging in mice via sirtuin activation, begin this month. Cosmos goes in depth here. begin this monthhere Disappointing therapeutics based…

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