Cancer’s little helper

A menacing shadow looms large over the body. Lessons we’ve learned from the eternal struggle of organism against cell are etched into the farthest corners of the genome, patches on top of patches, shoring up our weaknesses for the next time the conflict erupts. And yet, even with a standing army dedicated to repairing DNA,…

Are cancer prevention and cellular reprogramming really enemies?

Imagine a physiological love triangle: in one corner, a force with the weight of millions of years of evolutionary programming trained on preventing runaway replication; in the other, the set of epigenetic regulators that must maintain the ability of stem cells to churn out whatever kind of cell they need to. At first glance, the…

Oxidative stress response: One of the many jobs of tumor-suppressor p53

At its most dramatic, oxidative stress can rend DNA in two and predispose cells to mutations that ultimately result in cancer. But the less bombastic effects of reactive oxygen molecules are no less damaging, as they likely play a central role in the world’s number one killer, vascular disease, causing stroke and heart attack among

Research roundup: The Hippo in your heart, and more

The Hippo pathway controls cellular regeneration, so why not modify it to heal the heart after the scarring caused by a heart attack? Six weeks later, mouse hearts were good as new. modify it Cytomegalovirus (a herpes virus) infects over 90% of humans, often silently, but this mostly harmless little viral companion takes up far…

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