James Peyer: Navigating the “Biotech Valley of Death”

Ever hear about an exciting discovery in the biomedical world, then later wonder why it seemingly dropped off the face of the Earth? In fact, it’s par for the course for potential therapeutics to fail before they ever get off the ground, guided unwittingly by their enthusiastic champions straight into a boneyard strewn with the…

Merry Media, And A Happy New Year

We want you! Reason over at Fight Aging! lists nine promising approaches to rejuvenation therapy that he’d like to see in the very near future: assessment of senolytics, medical tourism, immune rejuvenation, glucosepane cross-link breaking, amyloid clearance, lysosome cleanup, telomere-centric blockades of cancer, cell therapies, and improved gene therapy. If this describes your work, consider

Michael Fossel on telomerase therapy in cancer, Alzheimer’s, and more

Last week we heard the theoretical side of Dr. Michael Fossel’s mission to bring aging to its knees, and why his chosen point of attack was on the grand orchestrator of the body’s repair processes. This week he goes into the practical details: how does he plan to lengthen telomeres? What can we treat with…

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