Research roundup: The microbiome in neurodegenerative disease, and more

It’s looking increasingly likely that our little bacterial buddies have a major influence on neurodegenerative disease, from producing extra amyloid, to regulating inflammation, to generating free radicals. In mouse models of Alzheimer’s disease, a protein complex that forms part of the nervous system’s innate immune system binds to toxic amyloid-beta, promoting the formation of plaques.

In the media: Salamanders, supercentenarians and Silicon Valley

Can we “unlock a human’s inner salamander” with stem cell therapies? 3D-printed organs, uploaded brains, and disease-fighting nanobots: just a few of the tools Silicon Valley hopes to put in our anti-aging arsenal. Entrepreneur and biohacker Serge Faguet shares practical tips on what he sees as the six key areas for maximizing one’s own longevity…

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