A Drug Delivery System that Preferentially Targets Senescent Cells

Senescent cells are thought to be one of the root causes of aging, and there is a sizable amount of evidence to back this view. The approach of removing senescent cells in order to turn back aspects of aging and extend life has been quite comprehensively demonstrated in mice, and a growing number of companies are now developing therapies for human medicine. In that context, this paper outlines what seems a promising line of work, a delivery system that is claimed to preferentially target senescent cells based on their distinctive biochemistry. The question, as is always the case, is the degree to which the delivery system prefers senescent cells in practice.

Senescent cellsroot causes of agingextend lifedemonstrated in micegrowing number

Present senolytics, therapies capable of destroying senescent cells, kill senescence cells versus normal cells at a ratio somewhere in the range of 3:1 to 12:1. The compounds that destroy more non-senescent cells tend to be those with worse side effects, for all the obvious reasons. These compounds and their side effects set a low bar, and they can certainly be improved upon. A reliable, selective delivery method should make it that much easier for the development community to engineer significant improvement.

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