Fight Aging!

Being obese or overweight is, for the overwhelming majority of such individuals, a choice. There is plenty of ink spilled over how hard or easy the choice of body weight is to make, but it is nonetheless a choice. Want to weigh less? Then persist in eating fewer calories in the context of a sanely balanced diet. It really is as simple as that. The only way to fail is to fail to eat fewer calories. That this is eternally a challenge, and that obesity is increasingly prevalent in an environment of cheap calories, tells us more about human nature than it does about our biology.

The present consensus on the effects of excess visceral fat tissue is that it increases incidence of near all age-related disease, shortens life expectancy, and raises overall lifetime medical expenditure. Raised levels of chronic inflammation produced by fat tissue are an important mediating mechanism in this outcome, regardless of whether they are produced by greater numbers of senescent cells in fat, immune cells infiltrating fat tissue, inappropriate interactions with cell debris, inflammatory signaling from adipose cells, or other fat-associated mechanisms.

excess visceral fat tissueincreases incidenceshortens life expectancyraises overall lifetime medical expendituregreater numbers of senescent cellsimmune cells

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