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I would hope that by now Aubrey de Grey needs no introduction to the Fight Aging! readership. He is the co-founder of the Methuselah Foundation and SENS Research Foundation, originator of the SENS rejuvenation research programs, and tireless advocate for greater investment into the scientific foundations of near-future radical life extension. While history never depends on any single individual, it is hard to envisage the first decades of this century in aging research without the presence of de Grey and the broad network of allies surrounding his work. Given the sorry state of the research community prior to de Grey, it needed the entry of outsiders willing to kick shins and push the agenda of intervention in aging. Absent that forcing function, progress towards the treatment of aging as a medical condition would have continued to be missing in action, suppressed by the leaders of the scientific and funding institutions.

Aubrey de GreyMethuselah FoundationSENS Research FoundationSENS rejuvenation research programsradical life extensionsorry state of the research communitysuppressed by the leaders of the scientific and funding institutions

But this is old news now. Our community of advocates, scientists, and other parties interesting in living longer, healthier lives through medical science is growing apace. Many

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