Fight Aging!

Alex Zhavoronkov of In Silico Medicine has written a fair amount on the economics of aging and the urgent need for greater research and development of means to treat aging – to diminish the burdens that fall upon us all as the result of certain degeneration and death in late life. The costs of aging are staggering, and yet here at the dawn of the era of rejuvenation therapies, only tiny amounts of funding are devoted to doing something about it. Spending on competitive sports – or war, the other manifestation of the same urge – is vast in comparison to the resources devoted to slowing or reversing the causes of aging. We fiddle while Rome burns.

Alex ZhavoronkovIn Silico Medicinea fair amountThe costs of aging are staggeringrejuvenation therapies

In the past, Alex Zhavoronkov claimed that he expected to live to be 150, but now he’s more conservative. He’s skeptical that we will see such drastic changes to the human lifespan quite so soon. There are too many hurdles left to clear, and he feels that today’s political and economic climate isn’t exactly conducive to expensive, experimental longevity research. To be clear, he does believe humanity will someday live that long,

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