Fight Aging!

In most European countries, unlike the US, forming a single issue political party is an entirely viable approach to advocacy for a cause. It can work at any scale, even when starting with a few volunteers and a few hundred supporters. Examples of success and growth to the large scale include the various Green parties of the environmentalist movement, and the more recently established Pirate Party. The German Party for Health Research is a single issue party focused on raising awareness of work on the treatment of aging, and delivering greater support to that cause so as to speed up the clinical availability of therapies capable of slowing or reversing aging. These advocates have been active for a few years now, and continue their efforts even now.

Green partiesPirate PartyGerman Party for Health Researchactive for a few years now

What is the founding story and motivation behind the Party for Health Research?

In 2012 I learned that we have a chance to develop effective medicine against all diseases of old age in the near future. Because I think that this is so very important, I decided to make it to my life´s purpose to help with this development. The question I

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