Fight Aging!

This interview with Jim Mellon opens with an update on some of the recent investment activities of Juvenescence, founded last year in order to participate in the enormous market opportunity afforded by the development of the first working rejuvenation therapies. It is in Mellon’s self-interest to help educate the world about the size of this market, and draw in other, larger entities that will help to carry his portfolio companies to the finish line. So he is doing just that, and in doing so benefits us all. His advocacy will help all fronts in fundraising for research and development in this field.

Jim MellonJuvenescencefirst working rejuvenation therapies

That advocacy continues, as it remains the case that the investment community as a whole is slow to wake on the topic of treating aging as a medical condition. The more agile portions of it are starting to move, but the larger interests are still on the sidelines. Yet any viable rejuvenation therapy will be a bigger prospect that any blockbuster drug of the past few decades, and the first of these therapies are already either in development or even arguable available in the case of the first senolytic pharmaceuticals. The target market is every

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