Fight Aging!

The Life Extension Advocacy Foundation volunteers recently published a long and interesting interview with Peter de Keizer, the researcher who led development of the FOXO4-p53 approach to selective destruction of senescent cells. As senescence cells cause aging and age-related disease, there is considerable interest in developing means to remove them, and thus produce rejuvenation. The FOXO4-DRI used in de Keizer’s study is probably the best of the current crop of senolytic compounds, as while the degree to which it kills senescent cells is broadly similar to the others, the evidence to date suggests that it produces insignificant side-effects; its method of action is much more localized to senescent cells. A company, Cleara Biotech, has been funded to develop this research into a commercial therapy.

Life Extension Advocacy FoundationFOXO4-p53 approachsenescent cellsdeveloping means to remove themFOXO4-DRI used in de Keizer’s studysenolyticCleara Biotech

It doesn’t seem like as many people in Europe talk about aging as in the U.S. Is being in Europe instead of the U.S. better or worse for your research?

As usual, the U.S. innovates, China imitates, and Europe hesitates. I returned to Europe for personal reasons, but I have been talking to American investors who want to explore Europe a

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