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The Life Extension Advocacy Foundation volunteers recently interviewed researcher Vadim Gladyshev. He has an interesting viewpoint on aging; he is one of the faction in the scientific community who think that near future significant progress in treating aging is unlikely, as greater understanding is required. This is more or less the polar opposite of the SENS rejuvenation research viewpoint, which states that the present understanding of the root causes of aging is sufficient for progress, and implementation is lagging far behind the state of the science. Gladyshev’s laboratory is focused on the genetics of aging and redox biology – the modern end of the evolving view of how oxidative damage is involved in aging.

Life Extension Advocacy FoundationVadim GladyshevSENS rejuvenation research viewpointfocused on the genetics of aging and redox biologyoxidative damage

The early views of aging as being driven by an accumulation of oxidative damage to important molecules have been put aside as too simplistic. Numerous examples of life extension in lower animals have involved modest increases in the production of oxidative molecules: oxidation isn’t just a form of damage, it is also a signal in a very dynamic, self-repairing system, one that can have positive outcomes. Oxidative molecules are required for

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