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Senotherapeutics are treatments that in some way reduce the burden of senescent cell accumulation in old tissues. This is a broader category than senolytics, therapies that destroy senescent cells, and includes efforts to modulate the harmful signaling of senescent cells without destroying them. I’d say that latter strategy has little to recommend it at the present time; one would need evidence for significant vital populations of senescent cells in the brain to start to think about modulation rather than destruction. So far the approach of targeted destruction is doing very well in mouse studies, robustly producing rejuvenation and extension of healthy life span, even using therapeutics that are far from optimal in comparison to the improved versions now under development.

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This paper is not open access, but in a world in which the copyright heretics of Sci-Hub continue to endure, journal paywalls now present little hindrance for the curious. I point it out because in addition to the initial overview of the biochemistry of cellular senescence in the context of aging, it also contains well presented tables of current senotherapeutics, their evidence, and their progress towards

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