Fight Aging!

As progress towards actual, real, working rejuvenation therapies becomes ever harder to ignore, even for those without any great familiarity with the sciences, the positions espoused by those opposed to longevity is shifting. It is apparently easy to be opposed to, outraged with, up in arms about the prospect of longer human lives when longer human lives are not an option for the near future. Just as soon as rejuvenation becomes something that isn’t just for the distant future elite, the tone changes. There are still all of the old inconsistencies and virtue signals, but the firm opposition becomes a good deal less firm.

actual, real, working rejuvenation therapies

Take a look at this short opinion piece, for example – the way in which it opens, tired lines about the terrible burden of living well for a long time that we’ve all seen before, and then the way it is steered to a new and more thoughtful close. That close is a claim to desire mortality, but not yet. “Not yet” is the first step on the road to agelessness. If “not yet” today, and tomorrow one is just as healthy and entertained, then will it be “not yet” tomorrow? If “not

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