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Bonita Springs, FL– Smell and taste are vital senses that bring pleasure to daily life, inform us about our environment, and guide fundamental behaviors in humans and animals. This month, about 500 scientists and clinicians will gather for the nation’s leading forum on smell and taste research, the annual meeting of the Association for Chemoreception Sciences (AChemS). AChemS will feature over 260 presentations on the roles of smell and taste in both human and animal health. Smell and taste are crucial to daily functions ranging from food choice to selecting commercial products to detecting environmental dangers such as gas leaks. Thousands of Americans experience loss of smell or taste each year resulting from head trauma, sinus disease, normal aging, and neurological disorders. AChemS researchers seek to understand chemosensory systems and function in order to improve the diagnoses and treatment of multiple maladies. This year new findings will be presented on a range of topics from the effects of smoking on salt sensitivity, to triggering inflammation in gum disease, and to understanding odor-induced PTSD in combat veterans. The 40th annual AChemS meeting is the premiere opportunity to learn about the newest findings in the biological, psychological and clinical aspects of


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