Chronic Inflammation Correlates with White Matter Damage in the Aging Brain

Here researchers add more evidence to the existing stack of studies linking inflammation to the pace of neurodegeneration, with a focus on white matter damage in the brain in this case. Like raised blood pressure, inflammation is a mediating mechanism that transforms the low-level molecular damage at the root of aging into high-level organ dysfunction and structural damage throughout the body. Chronic inflammation is one of the major reasons why excess visceral fat tissue and exposure to particulates such as smoke are so harmful to long term health. Even the healthy and trim amongst us are faced with the steady rise of inflammation with age, driven by processes such as the accumulation of senescent cells and their inflammatory signals, and the progressive dysfunction of the immune system that is known as inflammaging. The more that can be done to keep chronic inflammation at bay, the better off we are.

inflammationneurodegenerationwhite matterraised blood pressurelow-level molecular damageexcess visceral fat tissueexposure to particulates such as smokeaccumulation of senescent cellsinflammatory signalsprogressive dysfunction of the immune systeminflammaging

“We found that individuals who had an increase in inflammation during midlife that was maintained from mid to late life have greater abnormalities in the brain’s white matter structure,

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