Fight Aging!

We are adept at sabotaging the person we will be. Time preference is a tyrannical aspect of the human condition; we aggressively and instinctively discount the value of everything in the decades ahead, even our own lives. People let their health run down through lack of maintenance, sabotaging their future selves of two decades hence. Another more subtle manifestation is the decision made on just how much life is enough life. The infrastructure of savings, retirement, life insurance, our peers and our families, our stories, our cultural myths and traditions, all are geared towards a life of a certain shape and length. We are encouraged to plan ahead with a line to be drawn at a given age, a time to wrap it up and shut things down.

Time preferenceeven our own livesplan ahead with a line to be drawn at a given age

In the era in which aging was set in stone, there was a lot to be said for managed expectations. Stoic acceptance of the inevitable requires a little time to work though and put in place firmly enough to carry through to that end. But that is no longer our era. Now that the first rejuvenation therapies exist

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