Fight Aging!

A fair amount of research on raised blood pressure, hypertension, and its risks has been published of late. Hypertension is a downstream consequence of loss of elasticity in blood vessels. That loss of elasticity arises from the molecular damage at the root of aging, and the resulting hypertension is one of the more noteworthy mediating mechanisms by which that low-level biochemical damage is translated into structural damage to organs. Hypertension causes pressure damage to sensitive tissues, increasing the rate at which small blood vessels rupture, killing the nearby cells. This is particularly important in the brain, where regenerative capacity is limited. Individually, each tiny area of damage has little effect, but taken as a whole it adds up over time to contribute to cognitive decline.

hypertensiondownstream consequence of loss of elasticity in blood vesselsmolecular damage at the root of agingparticularly important in the brain

A new study indicates that patients with high blood pressure are at a higher risk of developing dementia. This research also shows (for the first time) that an MRI can be used to detect very early signatures of neurological damage in people with high blood pressure, before any symptoms of dementia occur. High blood pressure is a

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