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Copy number variation is a type of genetic difference between individuals in which a section of DNA, usually one that is already duplicated multiple times in most people, has a different number of repeats. Researchers have studied copy number variation and relationships with longevity, both in general, in the sense of looking for correlations, and in specific, looking at copy number variations in a single gene. As is the case for most genetic correlations in the matter of human longevity, the vast majority of results suggest only tiny effects on mortality and fail to reproduce between study populations. That tells us that most naturally occurring individual genetic contributions to longevity are both small and highly conditional. The study here is representative of the type, and thus I would say that there is no great expectation that the results will be replicated in other data sets.

Copy number variationlooking for correlationsin a single gene

Human lifespan has long been observed as a complex trait with approximately 25% genetic contributions. To date, only very few genes have been shown consistently associated with it. Recent studies reported that copy number variation (CNV) may directly contribute to human lifespan. CNV is a general term for

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