Fight Aging!

Ending Aging is an important book, a concise explanation of the SENS approach to the development of rejuvenation therapies. It is aimed at laypeople, but with enough depth for scientists to use it as a starting point for their own further reading as well. It covers the extensive evidence gathered by the research community over the decades to support the concept that aging is caused by the accumulation of a few classes of molecular damage to cells and tissues. It outlines proposed therapies that could, if fully developed, repair or work around that damage in order to remove its contribution to aging.

Ending AgingSENS approachrejuvenation therapiesa few classes of molecular damageproposed therapies

Since its publication in English, volunteers have translated Ending Aging into a number of other languages, and a Portuguese edition is now the latest to be published. Scientific translation is particularly challenging, and people who have both the requisite scientific knowledge and are multilingual do not exist in great numbers – so many thanks to the team who persevered to carry out this work.

Some months ago, we announced an initiative by Nicolas Chernavsky and Nina Torres Zanvettor to translate Ending Aging into Portuguese. As of today, the translated book

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