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Cryonics is the only presently viable backup plan for people who will age to death prior to the advent of sufficiently comprehensive rejuvenation therapies. The available evidence suggests that a sufficiently rapid and well-accomplished low-temperature preservation of the brain following clinical death will preserve the fine structure that stores the data of the mind. Preserved individuals have the luxury of time to await the advent of future technologies of restoration and repair.

Cryonicsonly presently viable backup plan

Setting up a membership with one of the non-profit cryonics providers such as the Alcor Life Extension Foundation or the Cryonics Institute and paying for the procedure via life insurance is affordable and fairly well documented. It is less work than buying a house, but perhaps still a little intimidating: it isn’t something one can just do offhandedly. Some effort and agency is required. Rudi Hoffman has been helping people organize life insurance to pay for cryopreservation for a long time now. He is the recognized expert in this narrow field, and I’m pleased to note that he has now digested that knowledge into book form in The Affordable Immortal.

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