For Many People, a Sizable Fraction of Age-Related Hypertension is Self-Inflicted

Secondary aging is, more or less, that part of age-related decline that is driven by lifestyle choices and environmental factors. It adds to the primary aging caused by internal processes that we can presently do comparatively little to address. The mechanisms involved are similar and overlapping. Chronic inflammation, for example, will grow in later life even given an exemplary approach to personal health, and contributes to the progress of all of the common age-related diseases. That is primary aging. But let yourself become overweight and take up a smoking habit, and greater levels of chronic inflammation will result. That is secondary aging.

Secondary agingprimary agingChronic inflammationgreater levels of chronic inflammation

The publicity materials here help to make the case that for much of the population, a sizable fraction of age-related hypertension – increases in blood pressure – is driven by unhealthy lifestyle choices. These are the usual suspects: a poor diet, excess fat tissue, lack of exercise. While one can’t defeat aging and its varied manifestations by living well, actively making things worse seems like a poor choice in an age of accelerating progress in biotechnology, with rejuvenation therapies somewhere on the horizon. Whether or not one lives an extra few years,

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