Juvenescence Announces a Small Molecule Senolytics Joint Venture with Antoxerene

The Ichor Therapeutics contingent present at the Ending Age-Related Diseases conference in New York last week were quite pleased that the timing worked out to allow them to announce during the conference a $10 million investment from Juvenescence into a joint venture with their portfolio company Antoxerene. Antoxerene started as a protein biotechnology infrastructure company, but the staff are now turning that infrastructure to the discovery and development of senolytic compounds, those capable of selective destruction of senescent cells. Antoxerene joins a number of existing companies working on various approaches to this goal: this diversity bodes well for our future health and wellbeing, given that senescent cells are thought to be one of the root causes of aging.

Ichor TherapeuticsEnding Age-Related Diseases conferenceJuvenescenceAntoxerenestarted as a protein biotechnology infrastructure companysenolytic compoundssenescent cellsone of the root causes of aging

As regular readers will recall, the Juvenescence principals intend their fund to be a sizable and long term player in the commercialization of longevity science. They are quite vocal, and their published materials and comments to date suggest that they are supportive of the SENS model of rejuvenation based on damage repair – which of course has included and advocated senescent cell clearance since day

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