Fight Aging!

Juvenescence appears to be hitting its stride in initial setup. It will, once further along in its plan, look much like many of the private equity funds that exist in the biotech space, with a portfolio of mutually supporting companies working on therapies for various aspects of aging. We know that at least some of the principals, such as Jim Mellon, are supportive of the SENS rejuvenation research agenda, but it remains to be seen whether or not that will turn out in practice to involve investment in the young companies that have arisen in the SENS community in the past few years. The Juvenescence principals want to be making $5-10 million series A round investments, but if one happens to be looking for focused SENS startups coming up to that point, the list at present is not a long one. So, inevitably, there will be investment in infrastructure biotechnologies or things like mTOR inhibitors and NAD+ upregulation – approaches that I think are probably not going to move the needle all that much. There is a certain urgency in venture matters: once you have raised funds you can’t then sit around and wait for the perfect opportunity.

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