MDI Biological Laboratory to sponsor 'Live Longer, Live Better' lecture series

How close is medicine to an anti-aging pill? Can anti-aging therapies delay the onset of age-related degenerative diseases? What lifestyle choices can individuals make to prolong healthy lifespan?

These are some of the tantalizing questions that will be addressed in a lecture series for the public by leading scientists in the field of aging research entitled “Live Longer, Live Better.” The lecture series will be held Aug. 6 through 10 at the MDI Biological Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine.

The lecture series will address scientific breakthroughs on the horizon that will allow people to lead longer, healthier lives. The lecture series is part of a biomedical innovation course that attracts top scientists in these fields to the institution, which is a global leader in the study of aging and regeneration.

The 2018 course, Comparative and Experimental Approaches to Aging Biology Research, is a two-week intensive training research course with sponsors including Life Biosciences, the Glenn Foundation for Medical Research and the Gerontological Society of America.

“The public’s understanding of aging biology lags behind the extraordinary developments in the field,” said Kevin Strange, Ph.D., MDI Biological Laboratory president. “In this lecture series, top scientists from around the country will discuss


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