New diagnostic tool for complex cancer cases

IMAGE: Jonas Nilsson, professor of experimental cancer surgery, director of Sahlgrenska Cancer Center, Sweden view more 

Credit: Photo by Elin Lindstrom Claessen

A new diagnostic tool is expected to result in better treatment of cancer that is difficult to diagnose. The tool was developed by cancer researchers at Sahlgrenska Academy and doctors at Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Sweden. Their study, which has been published in JCO Precision Oncology, started with a single cancer patient.

“We believe that the analytical methods described have rather direct implications that can help patients who lack a correct diagnosis of cancer,” says Jonas Nilsson, professor of experimental cancer surgery and director of the Sahlgrenska Cancer Center.

The patient came to Sahlgrenska University Hospital with a lung cancer that had recurred several times, despite various treatments in the hospital. The disease proved fatal but the patient contributed several biopsies for research before dying.

The key to a correct diagnosis in this case turned out to be ascertaining and defining the tumor’s character and origin in detail, which did not correlate with the clinical picture. To achieve this required a large number of analyses before and after the patient’s death.

The extensive analytical work offered many surprises.


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