Novel therapeutic strategy for blood vessel related disorders, such as cancer and retinopathy

Blood vessels sustain health and proper functioning of our body. A multi-disciplinary team of scientists, led by prof. Peter Carmeliet (VIB-KU Leuven Center for Cancer Biology) has made several breakthrough discoveries concerning the metabolism of the individual building blocks of blood vessels – the so-called endothelial cells. They identified three key proteins that determine how blood vessels grow and behave, and that may become new therapeutic targets in blood vessel related disorders, such as life-threatening cancers and blinding eye diseases. For his pioneering research, Peter Carmeliet will receive the most prestigious international science prize, 2018 Heineken Prize for Medicine.

Prof. Peter Carmeliet: “Our findings have been published in the leading scientific journals Nature and Cell Metabolism, all within one week. This is truly exceptional and shows that this promising new therapeutic strategy can have far-reaching implications for blood vessel-related disorders and therapeutics. Receiving the 2018 Heineken Prize for Medicine, is an enormous recognition for the work my group has been doing is an important impetus to continue to perform top-level research that can impact the lives of patients in the future.”

All organs in the human body rely on blood vessels for a continuous supply of nutrients and oxygen.


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