Prostate cancer clinical trial seeking Rx approach answers for survival and quality of life

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Credit: LSU Health New Orleans

New Orleans, LA – LSU Health New Orleans Scott Cancer Center has enrolled the first patients in the United States in a National Cancer Institute/Southwest Oncology Group clinical trial for men whose prostate cancer has spread. The Phase III multi-center trial will compare the outcomes of treating men diagnosed with metastatic Stage 4 prostate cancer with standard systemic therapy or with standard systemic therapy in combination with either surgery or radiation therapy.

“The main question being asked is, does treatment of the residual cancer left within the prostate affect how long a patient will survive and with good quality of life,” says Scott Delacroix, Jr., MD, Director of Urologic Oncology at LSU Health New Orleans School of Medicine and principal investigator of the LSU Health New Orleans study site. “Currently, when a patient presents to the doctor when the cancer has already spread to the bone or other organs, the standard of care is to treat them with medications called ‘systemic’ therapies, which are carried by the bloodstream to cancer cells wherever they are. Patients with metastatic prostate cancer are not usually offered therapy targeting the prostate where


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