Fight Aging!

I had promised a short update on progress at Repair Biotechnologies, the company that Bill Cherman and I founded earlier this year to help advance the state of therapies to treat aging, and here it is. We recently closed a seed round with a number of investors in our close-knit community, and are presently setting up our modest headquarters near Syracuse, NY, alongside our allies at Ichor Therapeutics. The staff at Ichor, fresh from a sizable investment made by Juvenescence in their subsidiary Antoxerene, have launched an incubator,, to encourage the development of new companies focused on the treatment of aging. Repair Biotechnologies is the first such company to be accepted to the program.

Repair Biotechnologiesfounded earlier this yearIchor Therapeuticssizable

Our initial development program at Repair Biotechnologies progresses, and I’m pleased to be able to say that we have made our first scientific hire. We were fortunate to near immediately connect with a very talented protein biochemist in Syracuse, who will be joining us later this month. We continue to interview in search of another entrepreneurial scientist, someone with a cell biology and gene therapy background. If you know of scientists with an interest in aging and the talent to

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