Reporting on the 2018 International Cellular Senescence Association Meeting

Research into cellular senescence is at present one of the most exciting areas of the science of aging, as it is in this part of the scientific community that the first real, actual, legitimate rejuvenation therapies were discovered. These senolytic treatments, capable of selectively destroying senescent cells, are now in the process of verification in human trials. They offer the possibility of significant reversal of all inflammatory age-related disease, to a far greater degree than can be offered by any past therapy: osteoporosis; the fibrosis that drives dysfunction of the lung, heart, and kidney; neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s; atherosclerosis; and more. All of these conditions are either largely or partly caused by the accumulation of senescent cells that takes place in later life.

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In the community of self-experimenters, many have chosen not to wait for the results of formal human trials. The evidence in mice from the past five years is robust and compelling; researchers have found it easy to reproduce benefits resulting from the removal of senescent cells, and have used a variety of small molecule drug families and other classes of therapy to achieve this goal. To

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