Safeway Foundation grant awarded to the National Foundation for Cancer Research

IMAGE: This is NFCR Senior Director of Development Janet Hines (Middle) with Institutional Giving Officer James Bragan and Safeway’s Eastern Division Senior Manager of Community and Public Affairs Beth Goldberg. view more 

Credit: NFCR

ROCKVILLE, MD – The National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) is one of 13 local and regional organizations to be the recipient of a grant by Safeway Foundation supporting cancer research and treatment efforts. The $35,000 award will be directed toward the expansion of the Cancer Patient Navigation Hotline, a communications resource offering guidance by trained oncology nurses–“navigators”–to patients and their families at no cost.

Launched by NFCR this spring in conjunction with HonorHealth Research Institute (HRI), the Hotline has been designed to allow patients to better understand diagnosis and treatment options, communicate more comfortably with their doctors, access important information associated with their prescribed plan of action and identify clinical trials in cases where no standard of care or effective therapy is currently available. The service aims to equip users with knowledge enabling better decisions about their cancer care.

The Hotline’s navigators work closely with an elite multi-disciplinary team that includes HRI Chief Scientific Officer Daniel Von Hoff, M.D., a world-renowned oncologist, recipient of


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