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Simple questions often have complex answers, and are challenging to definitively resolve. Why do women tend to live longer than men? That is a question with a great many potential answers. Since females live longer than males in many other species, it seems unlikely to be a matter of culture or technology, however. It is something more fundamental that emerges over the course of evolutionary time given the existence of genders. This open access paper surveys the field of thought on gender and life expectancy in order to lead in to a discussion of sex chromosomes in the evolution of this disparity in life span.

great many potential answerssex chromosomes

Like many topics in the present day study of aging, this will become of only academic interest in the coming era of rejuvenation therapies. Why would we be concerned about any modest natural disparity in life span given the existence of methods of enhancing healthy human longevity by decades or more? It is far more important to focus on the realistic prospect of producing rejuvenation therapies, and then ensuring that they can be produced cheaply and distributed widely, than on examining the present state of aging across populations.

rejuvenation therapies

An obvious difference

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