Structured Exercise is Good for the Elderly

Lack of exercise is harmful to health at all ages, and we live in a sedentary era, coddled by our machineries of transport and convenience. A perhaps surprisingly large degree of the decline into frailty is caused by the lack of exercise that sets in for many adults, and particularly lack are the forms of resistance training that builds strength. Thus there are plenty of studies like the one noted here that demonstrate benefits in elderly individuals who take up a structured program of exercise: most older people do not exercise as much as they can and should, and the consequence of that is a lower quality of life and higher mortality rate.

perhaps surprisingly large degreefrailtyresistance training

During ageing, regular exercise may reverse age-related physical deterioration and, at the same time, frailty, a very common syndrome among the elderly and which entails a higher risk of falls, hospital admissions, dependence and even death. This syndrome is more widespread among people living in residential care homes. In order to improve the life quality of this group, researchers designed a programme of physical exercise adapted to the capabilities of each individual. Strength, balance and stamina are worked on. The programme is run

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