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The Life Extension Advocacy Foundation (LEAF) volunteers have started to maintain a Rejuvenation Roadmap resource. This is intended to be a reference and visual summary of the state of progress in the various lines of research the LEAF staff consider relevant to the treatment of aging as a medical condition. We can always disagree on the details, such as the choice to use the Hallmarks of Aging rather than SENS as a categorization strategy, but I think that this sort of project is very helpful as our community grows. New arrivals benefit greatly from summaries and starting points. In the years ahead the present set of disagreements found in summaries of the field and strategic choices in research should be washed away by data from clinical trials – questions of what works and what doesn’t will start to have firm answers.

Life Extension Advocacy Foundation (LEAF)Rejuvenation RoadmapHallmarks of AgingSENS

One of the most commonly asked questions we receive is “How is progress going in aging research?” It is something we are asked so often that we decided to provide the community with a resource that will help them to keep track of progress directly. To that end, today we have launched

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