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Research programs and investment in commercial development related to senolytic therapies are growing rapidly, particularly in the last couple of years. As today’s article demonstrations, journalists in the popular press are improving when it comes to their ability to report sensibly on these developments. This has taken far too long to come to pass; it wasn’t all that long ago that near every article in the media on the prospects for treating aging was some combination of nonsense, scorn, and fear-mongering.

senolytic therapies

Senolytic treatments are those that selectively destroy senescent cells in aged tissues. The accumulation of senescent cells is one of the root causes of aging; even in small numbers these errant cells cause chronic inflammation and degrade tissue function in numerous ways via the signal molecules they generate. Removing senescent cells is a form of rejuvenation, capable of reversing aspects of aging and age-related disease and extending healthy life span. The data in mice is robust, impressive, and expanding. The first human data will be published over the course of the year ahead.

senescent cellsroot causes of agingchronic inflammationthe signal molecules they generateextending healthy life span

Clearance of senescent cells as a way to intervene in the aging process has been

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