Fight Aging!

I spent an interesting few days last week attending RAADfest, and came away somewhat optimistic that this strange collision of subcultures may herald an acceleration in the adoption of solid science and working therapies on the part of the anti-aging marketplace, accompanied by a driving out of the ineffective nonsense and fraud of past decades. This sea change is very much a work in process, and there is plenty of that nonsense still to be found. Yet the advent of senolytic therapies to clear senescent cells has clearly invigorated certain groups, who have now turned a sizable amount of their advocacy and attention to the adoption of this first legitimate rejuvenation therapy, an implementation of the SENS model of damage repair.

RAADfestanti-aging marketplacesenolytic therapies to clear senescent cellsSENS model of damage repair

RAADfest is a stage show of presentations and a floor show of company booths. The core of RAADfest, the presentations on stage, might be best understood as almost a secular church, an adoption of the methods of American revivalism when it comes to firing up an audience, presenting a message, and encouraging people to set forth and tell their friends the good news. The presenters are effusive and largely very

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