Fight Aging!

If you are a recent arrival to the rejuvenation research community, then it is possible you do not know that you are entering one of the expanding fields of thought and endeavor seeded by the transhumanist community of the 1990s. The passage of ideas and people and influence as it took place back then is far harder to discern now than was the case even a decade ago, as the core ideals of the transhumanist vision – radical life extension, artificial general intelligence, the use of technology to transcend the present limits of the human condition – have by now suffused every corner of our culture. It has become hard to see where the concepts were incubated and popularized: the handful of people, the few mailing lists, the few books and novels. The transhumanists won, in other words; they spoke their vision for a better future to the world, and the world listened.

rejuvenation researchtranshumanistradical life extensionartificial general intelligence

The TransVision conference series has spanned much of this period of time. As a consequence, if you look at the speaker list and the attendees for this year’s TransVision 2018, you’ll see a range of influential folk in aging research, biotech, artificial intelligence,

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