This time on LE 101, Veera discusses another primary hallmark of aging, epigenetic alterations, which affect the switches that turn genes on and off – and may be surprisingly easy to reverse.

Aimed at people who aren’t familiar with our annual Ending Age-Related Diseases conference, this video showcases this year’s speakers, getting their thoughts and perspectives on where we are now and what can be done about aging in the future.

In this trivia episode of LifeXtenShow, Nicola and Giuliano introduce Veera, who quizzes them on what they know about the portrayals of life extension in a lot of fiction – some familiar, and some not so much.

Today on LifeXtenShow, Giuliano discusses genomic instability, one of the primary hallmarks of aging – and quite possibly the grand-daddy of them all.

In this episode of LifeXtenShow, Nicola asks Giuliano about João Pedro de Magalhães, a researcher who focuses on genomics resources and data analysis in the context of aging research – and whose name neither of the hosts can pronounce. ?

In this episode of LifeXtenShow, Nicola considers a world in which dictators indefinitely prolong their lives through rejuvenation biotechnology – and why old age is no solution for the problem of despotism. ?

On this informative episode of X10, Nicola discusses the history of life extension, including ancient attempts at rejuvenation as well as more modern activities, including that of the SENS Research Foundation and the Buck Institute. ?

In this informative X10 episode, Nicola and Giuliano discuss the nine hallmarks of aging, from the well-known 2013 paper of the same name. All nine of the hallmarks are addressed at once, but don’t worry; the hallmarks will be discussed individually in later episodes. ?

In this trivia episode of X10, Giuliano discovers just how much Nicola knows about some weird and interesting facts related to biology. ?

In this informative episode of X10, Nicola talks about the idea that there might be worse problems than aging, outlining just how bad aging is in comparison to other causes of death—and asking whether or not it’s a good idea to rank such problems at all. ? A transcript of this episode is available below….

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